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October 10, 2013
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MLP Gakusei : Princess Celestia by Fenrixion MLP Gakusei : Princess Celestia by Fenrixion

Watch Fen for more pony arts!
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Next will either be Princess Cadence or Princess Twilight C:

Welp here we go, download versions
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Okay. Round Three people. Here I go.

First off, as I have seen most people say so far, I must agree with. This picture is indeed quite beautiful. I myself am not a huge fan of the MLP series, but this picture is wonderful. You captured the effect of the flowing wind quite well. And the shading from the light is also handled quite well, getting stronger the further away it is from any edging that would be exposed to light.

The clouds in the background also look very beautiful, a wonderful mix of colors that fit well for a cloud backdrop. Now as a Gakusei for the MLP character she represents (excuse me if this sentence is worded incorrectly), it looks quite fitting. All the colors and everything are so similar and wonderfully replicated to make it look perfect. Wonderful job on that part ^_^

Now for the ratings bit. Right XP

Vision: I gave this a 5. Yeah. A 5 ^_^ It fit the vision you anticipated for it perfectly with no room for error.

Originality: Although I would love to give golden starts (4.5s and 5s) across the board. This character is a character in an already existing thing, so I cannot give maximum. However, the way you drew it is of your own design and it looks amazing so I can still give you a 4 ^_^

Technique: Another 5. Your technique in this picture was flawless. There may have been tiny errors here and there that maybe I cannot pick up on, but from my opinion it is basically flawless. From the clouds to the character itself, wonderful job.

Impact: Hmm. Again I still misinterpret the impact most likely, but you wanted this to be a picture of the Gakusei Princess Celestia and that is exactly what it looks like to me. Why not give a 5 for something like that right?

And there it is. My critique. It may not be as long or as good as some of my other ones, but I was somewhat tired when I did this. I did as good as I could though. Hope you like the critique and I hope it is what you were looking for >.<
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Hello Riri,

I am going to attempt critique on this site for the first time- haha, bear with me.

I am not sure what "vision" means, but I'm guessing appearnace? Or is it something that you envisioned before completing this piece? If it is appearance, then it did successfully captured my attention in my message inbox. Great work!

Gijinka. That's one point down. Besides that, I don't really see a concept here. Probably having a cloudy background could tell something about her being the morning glory to all other ponies? What kind of story/message are you trying to communicate? Your title includes the word "gakusei" so is she going to school? Did she just wake up?
If you are going for just a "pretty image" then you're heading in the right direction. The only thing I would change if you were heading for this route is to not include only half of her legs. This makes me question where she's standing. Floating?

Colour wise, I think you rocked it. The background colours really blend well with the character's. Even though this is a digital drawing, I like how you included a painterly look to it to make it look more 'natural' and organic. Watch out for the transition between Celestia's line-art to the background though. Your Princess Luna's line work is a good example of a subtle transition. Therefore, you could think about toning down the line-art's intensity here a little.

Typography wise, I think you need to work on this a little more. The japanese symbols you used are what I predict to be the "default" settings for that language. I know there are a lot more typefaces you could choose from with a little more research. Google has a ton of japanese fonts to choose from! Also, I find the black colour you chose a bit harsh on the artwork- it does not really blend well.

Who is your target audience? Most likely MLP fans will rank first then the rest of the deviantArt fandom. Since this is a gijinka version of Celestia, people who see this might gain an insight of your interpretation of a non-human character. I am not sure what people can take away from this artwork besides the fact that it is stunning.

All in all, I think you're improving really quickly! For next time, try to come up with a concept, careful with your line-work, watch out for anatomy, play around with typography, and just have fun.

Thank you,
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Very pretty.
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AWW IT SO IS! wheres luna
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